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Of these 312, 228 did not require admission to the NICU based on their risk assessment using the online calculator. Strengths of our systematic review include an exhaustive search strategy, systematic data extraction and analysis following an a priori specified and registered protocol, and surveying of authors of included studies to ensure completeness of data. It provides a synthesis of a novel tool in area of great current clinical interest and concern. Application of sepsis calculator in newborns with suspected infection. Sepsis calculator implementation reduces empiric antibiotics for suspected early-onset sepsis. Berardi A., Bedetti L., Spada C., Lucaccioni L., Frymoyer A. Serial clinical observation for management of newborns at risk of early-onset sepsis.

  • The EOS calculator was made by the EOS-Genossenschaft für Fabrikation und Vertrieb von Rechenmaschinen, based in Zürich at Albisstraße 2.
  • The datasets used and analyzed during the current study are available from the corresponding author on reasonable request.
  • ], we wanted to investigate whether this might be at the expense of delaying or missing treatment for some babies with true sepsis.

Following PRISMA-P guidelines, relevant data were extracted from full-text articles and supplements. CHARMS and GRADE tools were used to assess the risk of bias and quality of evidence. Meta-analysis using a random-effects model was conducted for studies with separate cohorts for EOS calculator and conventional management strategies.

Sensitivity of the Kaiser Permanente early-onset sepsis calculator: A systematic review and meta-analysis

The EOS calculator is a validated computer tool freely available on the internet . The combination of different risks and clinical statuses correspond to different workup and treatment protocols . Recent publications demonstrated that the EOS calculator, compared to conventional management strategies, shows lower relative risks for empirical antibiotic therapy without affecting safety .

Brief comments on three existing approaches for managing neonates at risk of early-onset sepsis. Hofer N., Müller W., Resch B. Non-infectious conditions and gestational age influence C-reactive protein values in newborns during the first 3 days of life. Berardi A., Fornaciari S., Rossi C., Patianna V., Reggiani M.L.B., Ferrari F., Neri I., Ferrari F. Safety of physical examination alone for managing well-appearing neonates ≥35 weeks’ gestation at risk for early-onset sepsis. Absolute frequencies for qualitative data and means for quantitative data were used to describe the demographic characteristics of the sample. Then, the differences between the three time periods were evaluated using 2 tests for qualitative data and analysis of variance with one between-factor for quantitative data.

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Kuzniewicz 2017, Dhudasia 2018, Strunk 2018, Sharma 2019, and Arora 2019 were using the calculator prospectively and were at risk of a different form of bias, that is, their retrospective interpretation of the national guidelines. For example, a baby born to a febrile mother, who has a low EOS score, but goes on to become septic. According to the calculator the baby would not receive immediate antibiotics. However, a clinician using national guidelines could have been more conservative and treated the baby empirically in case of possible maternal sepsis.

Utility of early-onset sepsis risk calculator for neonates born to mothers with chorioamnionitis. The objective of our study was to compare the administration of antibiotics based on our local EOS guidelines derived from current evidence with the calculator’s recommendations in neonates born at ≥34 weeks’ GA. Notably, in P2, one of the three infants who developed sepsis had no pre- or perinatal risk factors. He underwent routine neonatal care but, at 14 h of life, during rooming-in, presented with a dramatic onset of respiratory and circulatory symptoms, rapidly developing into meningitis and death. This patient would not have been diagnosed earlier either with the P1 protocol or with the EOS calculator alone, which would have assigned a low risk score at birth. Only the application of a universal SPE would have likely intercepted the onset of the first symptoms earlier.

We conducted weekly audits for infants tracked on the EOS calculator as an additional safety monitoring tool. Monthly reports tracking these infants’ nursery admissions, along with transfers, antibiotic utilization rates, and cases of culture positive or clinical sepsis, were generated and reviewed by the physicians performing this quality improvement project. To assess the association between management of neonatal EOS guided by the neonatal EOS calculator and reduction in antibiotic therapy for newborns. Whether the benefits of reducing antibiotics use outweigh the occasional ‘miss’ or delay is hard to quantify, since it is difficult to estimate the effects of widespread use of antibiotics to individuals and populations. This meta-analysis has demonstrated that a large proportion of true cases of EOS are ‘missed’ by the calculator, in addition to those which would be missed by NICE guidelines. The probability of missing additional cases compared to the NICE guidelines is significantly higher amongst babies exposed to chorioamnionitis.

They were admitted to the NICU or Special Care Unit only when antibiotic treatment was needed. Neonates with major malformations, and those requiring antibiotic prophylaxis for surgical diseases or other invasive procedures, were excluded from the study. The multivariate risk assessment (the Neonatal Early-Onset Sepsis Calculator) is a predictive model based on information available in the immediate perinatal period. This model establishes a prior probability for newborn sepsis, which could be combined with neonatal physical examination .

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Our patient who died from fulminant GBS early-onset sepsis was born to a mother whose vaginal swab tested negative at 35 wks of gestation. Several studies have found that a GBS PCR assay is more feasible and offers a better predictive value of GBS EOS than the rectovaginal swab culture , but more studies are needed before wide implementation. After this adverse event, we analyzed the recently introduced EOS protocol to verify its safety compared to the previous one, concluding that even applying the old protocol, the newborn would have died. The difference in percentage of newborns treated with empirical antibiotics for suspected or proven EOS between management guided by the EOS calculator and conventional management strategies.

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eos calc not admitted for hospital care accompanied mother in the mother-child unit or were discharged home. Laboratory evaluation of well-appearing infants can result in nonspecific findings. This testing may lead a clinician to empirically treat laboratory values rather than base treatment on the clinical appearance of the infant. There is also a significant economic burden to the healthcare system of treating well-appearing infants with antibiotics in a NICU environment. We attribute significantly higher breastfeeding rates at newborn discharge to rooming-in with the mother for the duration of the newborn hospitalization.

This handout helps to clarify some of the questions and challenges that may require specific education during implementation of the SRC. It is important to engage help from your IT Department to help with integration of the calculator into the EMR workflow as much as possible, and to make sure that information from the EMR is flowing appropriately to calculator fields.

Van Herk W., el Helou S., Janota J., Hagmann C., Klingenberg C., Staub E., Giannoni BTC E., Tissieres P., Schlapbach L.J., van Rossum A.M., et al. Variation in Current eos calc of Term and Late-preterm Neonates at Risk for Early-onset Sepsis. The data presented in this study are available on request from the corresponding author. The search for and verification of missing data were performed using a variety of techniques . Data Availability StatementThe data presented in this study are available on request from the corresponding author. Cpcqc is organized exclusively for charitable and educational purposes to promote and advance perinatal care in the state of Colorado.

Safety-related outcomes involved missed cases of EOS, readmissions, treatment delay, morbidity, and mortality. The neonatal early-onset sepsis calculator is a clinical risk stratification tool increasingly used to guide the use of empirical antibiotics for newborns. Evidence on the effectiveness and safety of the EOS calculator is essential to inform clinicians considering implementation.

In this setting, we can continuously monitor and/or perform frequent nursing assessments. DOGE This high level of patient observation may not be available in all nurseries. However, any nursery can apply the lessons learned when caring for newborns at risk for EOS. FASENRA is indicated for the add-on maintenance treatment of patients with severe asthma aged 12 years and older, and with an eosinophilic phenotype. Proportion of cases missed by the calculator , chorioamnionitis exposed babies − worst case scenario. Proportion of cases missed by the calculator , chorioamnionitis exposed babies − best case scenario.

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Treated with empirical antibiotics according to calculator recommendations, therefore no missesAntibiotic use reduced from 40% to 23%lowJoshi et al. Estimating the probability of neonatal early-onset infection on the basis of maternal risk factors. The probability of missed or delayed treatment for an EOS case were at best 0.19 [95% confidence intervals 0.11–0.29, I2 0%], worst case 0.31 [95% confidence intervals 0.17–0.49, I2 37%]. Amongst a subset of babies exposed to chorioamnionitis, the calculator appears more likely to miss cases.


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